Weight Loss Laser Therapy

Please note, this is a service offered by Dr. Jo’s office mate, Mark Rookhuyzen, D.C., C. Ad., DACACD

What is Weight Loss Laser Therapy?

Zerona is the name of a body countouring laser therapy that helps you lose weight.  It targets your stubborn fat areas and painlessly emulsifies the fat under your skin. Our bodies then safely eliminate the fat by using the lymphatic system.

Dr. Mark lost ½ inch around the waist during a 40 minute treatment with the laser at a seminar on lasers.

The Zerona contour laser is the only FDA approved laser that safely removes fat and reduces inches with ZERO pain and ZERO surgery! It is a low-level laser therapy (3LT) which emulsifies the adipose tissue and releases excess fat into the interstitial space. The Zerona protocol is the safest and most researched low-level laser in the world.

Zerona is a Safe Treatment

It does not harm the fat cells. There are no known side effects, no pain and no down time. The laser does not cause an inflammatory event like most other so-called non-invasive technologies like cryolysis or ultrasound. We slim the body without surgery, pain or needles. Also there are no interruptions in your normal daily activities.

The Zerona procedure has been proven through a double-blind, randomized, multi-site and placebo controlled clinical study in which clients, lost on average 3.72 inches from their waist, hips, and thighs, in two weeks. If clients added diet and exercise to the treatment they saw even greater results.

“Fat Reduction Laser” The clinical trial results were published in ‘Lasers in Surgery’ in December 2009.

Based on client follow-up to 10 months after last treatment there was not a statistically significant increase in fat. Also there is no fat redistribution to other areas, unlike liposuction.

How do you think your arms look? Do you have wings? Clinical trials data is ‘better than expected’.

What some people are saying about the Body Contouring Laser

“After about 2 weeks of treatments I had lost a complete pant size.”

“I have lost 13 inches with 12 sessions of Zerona, and I am extremely happy with my results.

Research articles can be viewed or downloaded at www.MYZERONA.com

Contact Dr. Mark today for more information on this amazing treatment at 702-896-3416.

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