Weight Loss Laser Therapy

Please note, this is a service offered by Dr. Jo’s office mate, Mark Rookhuyzen, D.C., C. Ad., DACACD What is Weight Loss Laser Therapy? Zerona is the name of a body countouring laser therapy that helps you lose weight.  It targets your stubborn fat areas and painlessly emulsifies the fat under your skin. Our bodies then … Read more

Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST)

Lymphatic System

This effective healing science uses techniques for families, therapists and health care practitioners to balance the autonomic nervous system. When out of balance, the autonomic nervous system can lead to exhaustion of our organ system over time. The goal of this technique is to stop the interference created with our conscious mind, allowing our body to … Read more

Chiropractic Laser Therapy

What is Low Level Laser Therapy? Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a treatment that heals muscle, skin and nerve tissue up to 66% faster (according to the FDA).  It is a great way to reduce the time and cost of recovery.  It is often performed in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments and when either conventional … Read more

Chiropractic Treatment

Briggs Chiropractic offers a full array of chiropractic services for your health and well being. We treat a wide range of injuries, levels of pain, and chronic conditions. Through ongoing treatment options we are confident that we can help reduce pain and speed up recovery times. On this page we have listed some of our patient’s … Read more

Heat Therapy

Woman having back pain

Often we find that patients have a preference for heat or ice therapy, but both have very specific uses when it comes to treating pain. Ice therapy should be used to reduce swelling and inflammation, and heat therapy should be used to relax muscles and increase circulation. Both can help to reduce discomfort, but in … Read more

Ice Therapy

Most frequently used for reduction of inflammation, relief from temporary pain, and damaged muscles, ice therapy may be used as part of your treatment program at Briggs Chiropractic. In many cases, temporary pain and even additional injury can be minimized and even subdued by a simple application of ice. Ice, applied in a timely manner and … Read more


Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to be a safe and effective treatment for pain and injury, and a preferred alternative to surgical treatments. Chiropractors perform a range of adjustments to gently correct the subluxations, or misalignments, of the vertebrae in the spine caused by any number of conditions or lifestyle choices. Chiropractic adjustments are performed by … Read more

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage involves manipulating the soft tissues of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm, and stress. Once your body tissue is relaxed it is easier to manipulate, or adjust, your vertebrae and skeleton. When used together massage therapy and chiropractic adjustment can help your condition to improve dramatically. As in many … Read more