Army endorses Chiropractic

Army urged to do more with alternative medicine techniques When the pills didn’t work, Army Brig. Gen. Rebecca Halstead teamed up with her chiropractor to find a holistic solution to her chronic pain. And that worked. “Success is a team sport,” she said at last week’s Foundation for Chiropractic Progress 10th anniversary gathering at the … Read more

Headaches and Chiropractic

Nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches. Some are occasional, some frequent, some are dull and throbbing and some cause debilitating pain and nausea. What do you do when you suffer from a pounding headache? Do you grit your teeth and carry on? Lie down? Pop a pill and hope the pain goes away? … Read more

What kind of bed should you choose?

Softer Beds May Help Low Back Pain For patients with low back pain, sleeping on softer types of beds that conform to the body may lead to improvements in pain and sleep, reports a study in the April 1, 2008 issue of Spine. The journal is published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a part of … Read more

Fructose and the problems it causes

This article came from my latest newsletter. Please sign up for my newsletter on the home page. People are quick to say that the reason we are so overweight in this country is because we eat too much and don’t exercise enough. But if that was so, how do you explain the epidemic of obese … Read more


Stress affects nearly everyone, but some people handle it better than others. And the simple truth is the people who are good at dealing with stress live healthier and happier lives compared to people who struggle with stress. The good news is if you are one of the many people who get caught up in … Read more